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Tried & tested - 3in1 Gardinen von Moondream

"Tiefer Schlaf sorgt auch für bessere Laune! Gut, dass diese Vorhänge verdunkeln, Lärm reduzieren und für geringere Temperaturen in der Wohnung sorgen. FAZIT: Sie sehen nicht nur gut aus, sie halten auch, was sie versprechen."

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Gemütliche Winter

"Zum Schutz vor Kälte bietet Moondream den Wärmeschutzfutterstoff Eco an. Er bietet eine einfache, diskrete, wirksame und innovative Lösung, um eine warme und angenehme Wohnatmosphäre zu schaffen.[...] Durch eine metallische Komponente im Material werden 80 bis 90 Prozent der durch die Wärme entstehenden Infrarotstrahlung reflektiert."

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Martha Stewart


Thermal Curtains Will Keep Your Home Cozy and Warm All Winter

"The first thing I like about Moondream's curtains is that they were produced without any harmful chemicals [..]. It's made from 99.7-percent polyester and has a thermal insulated lining to prevent air from coming in or out."

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Noise Pollution Is The Biggest Health Threat Nobody Is Talking About

"Low-level environmental noises like light traffic or the hum of kitchen gizmos won't hurt your hearing, but they can make you feel frazzled and disrupt sleep (especially if you're a light snoozer), two factors that up your risk for obesity and heart disease. And the effect is cumulative: The more you're exposed to them, the worse the outcome. [..] Sound-absorbing curtains can block street sounds. Moondream cotton drapes claim to absorb up to 7 dB (from $89,"

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The 8 Best Thermal Curtains of 2021

"Thermal curtains, on the other hand, are a comparatively inexpensive method to stop drafts. [..] It can be challenging to find these curtains made of sustainable fabrics and materials. [..] Here are some of the best thermal curtains on the market today. Best Overall: Moondream 2-in-1 Thermal & Blackout Curtain. Moondream offers multiple OEKO-TEX®-certified options. This independent certification for textiles guarantees that fabrics were produced without the use of harmful substances."

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Mind Body Green

I Had Terrible Insomnia. Here Are The Things That Actually Helped (And What Made It Worse)

"In my bedroom, I can hear my neighbor's small dog barking, the bleating horn of tugboats on the East River, the wail of ambulance sirens and the constant drone of the freeway a block away. While most blackout curtains muffle sound, the pair I got, from a brand called Moondream has an extra layer to really reduce the decibels that come through the window. They make my room feel so much more serene, and I'm no longer jolted awake in the middle of the night by an errant car horn."

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Moondream, un rideau qui fait écran au froid

"Moondream, un rideau qui fait écran au froid « La marque Moondream innove. Elle lance sur le marché une doublure thermique métallisée et néanmoins souple, économique et facile à installer. La diminution de déperdition de chaleur va jusqu'à 80 %. [...] C'est une solution innovante qui répond enfin au problème de surconsommation d'énergie. [...] il existe chez Moondream une collection de rideaux avec la doublure déjà intégrée."

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